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Property Styling – Bayside Style

For the experienced property stylist, Bayside homes close to the water offer special inspiration when considering how to style them. Potential buyers looking to purchase a home near the water often have the perfect lifestyle in mind, they just need to be able to see it in a property. This is why property styling is so vital; emotions sell houses.

Property Styling East Brisbane

Take Bulimba for example, a heritage village by the Brisbane River, known for its contemporary feel. The young and established professionals love it here because of the elegant river-side lifestyle and the gorgeous afternoon breezes experienced on an expansive Queenslander verandah, boutique apartment balcony or by a bay window in a colonial or post war cottage. After long days spent at work in the city, they look forward to weekends spent strolling the fig and jacaranda tree-lined streets and pathways along the river and enjoying coffee at one of the trendy local cafes.
Creating interiors that capture the target market of a suburb is easier with the insider knowledge of a property stylist. East Brisbane is a suburb well known for its young and established professionals demographic. Life is all about working hard and playing hard; it’s essential to style a property with this in mind. After a day at work in the city and a ferry ride back home, a professional will either want to continue with work, relax or socialise.
To style a home that appeals to professionals, emphasise a clear and dedicated work space, create large open areas that are great for entertaining and include relaxation break out areas, particularly outdoors during the summer.

Property Styling Bayside Style

South Brisbane’s Wynnum, on the other hand, has potential buyers fitting the family demographic. Famous for its big and beautiful Queenslanders, Wynnum is the place for those buyers dreaming of family life by the seaside while also being close to work.

With the help of an experienced property stylist, South Brisbane properties like those in Wynnum are often styled to embrace the seaside and sea breezes; it’s the reason homeowners work so hard – to be able to live the lifestyle. It’s also what gets them through the day because they can return from work and enjoy the seaside serenity with their family.

When styling homes in the Wynnum area, we recommend playing to these emotions, helping potential buyers imagine life by the seaside. Highlighting expansive verandahs with water views or sea breezes is always a smart move and the addition of little reminders of the seaside can be added on a small or large scale by introducing a coastal theme.

With neutral toned furniture, tropical indoor plants, glass vases in teals and blues and washed grey timber sideboards and coffee tables, potential buyers are quickly reminded of the property’s proximity to the ocean.

Property styling is about putting a potential buyer in the moment of their dream lifestyle; it has the capacity to sell houses quickly and for more money.

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