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Home Staging in Brisbane For Best Sales Outcomes

If you’re selling a home in Brisbane and need to stand out from a saturated market, how do you do it? One way is through expert home staging that makes your house shine, but many people don’t know where to start when it comes to dressing up their home for sale. That’s where we come in!  Home staging has plenty of proven benefits, mainly that your home can sell faster and for a higher price.  

Let’s take a closer look at what home staging is, why you need it, and how to get the best home staging Brisbane has to offer.

Why Do I Need Home Staging?

We’ll let a few numbers answer this question. Research has shown that 85% of staged homes sold for 6-25% more than un-staged homes. No matter what your property is worth, that’s going to represent some serious dollars in your pocket at sale time.

Buying a house is an emotional journey for most people, and folks really do judge a book by its cover. Consider the fact that most people do their real estate research online. Usually, they’re not looking at the intricate details like room size or the type of benchtop you have. Rather, it’s all about the visual. Furthermore, home staging makes your home look amazing in your listing photos, leading to more inspections and a greater chance of selling.

Will Home Staging Increase My Home’s Sale Price?

The same research we discussed earlier shows that 68% of staged homes actually sold for over 9% more in comparison to non-staged homes. There’s a whole swag of reasons for that, but it mostly comes down to a few things. People want to visualise themselves living in your home – that’s what leads to a sale. And 81% of people have said that home staging makes this visualisation easier.

Buyers are also drawn to a touch of style and elegance. Even if you’re selling the ‘perfect family home’, walls covered with your children’s school artwork doesn’t help a buyer picturing their own family living there. 

Isn’t Home Staging Too Expensive?

This is a common myth. Many people see home staging as only being relevant for luxury properties, but that’s completely untrue. All homes can be improved with expert home staging, and this means any home can sell faster and for more money.

Think about some of the statistics above. Let’s go for the conservative number of a staged home selling for 6% more than a non-staged one. For a $400,000 property, that’s a $24,000 increase in sale price. 

We don’t need to do the math for you there, because it’s pretty clear. Home staging doesn’t cost $24,000, so if you could add that type of value to your sale price, it’s worth it!

Handy Home Staging Tips

Every home is different and it’s important to consider your target market, but there’s a few common home staging tips anybody can benefit from:

  • Use natural light to brighten up your home.
  • Stick with neutral colour schemes for walls, carpet and furniture.
  • Repair any visible blemishes.
  • Don’t forget the front of the house, because first impressions count.
  • Get rid of clutter and unnecessary personal items.

The little things can make all the difference, and can add significant value to your home’s sale price. 

Expert Home Staging Brisbane

At Refresh Property Styling, we know what it takes to sell homes. Brisbane home staging is what we do, and we’re excellent at it! To get the best sales outcome for your home, you need to consider home staging.  We offer obligation-free quotes and a consultation with one of our Senior Stylists. Contact us today and see how we can boost your home’s value!

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