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Benefits of Investing in Professional Property Styling vs DIY

You have probably watched the myriad of home renovation shows for many years and know too well how easy and effortless they make it look. Many do not realise what goes on behind the scenes eg the hoards of trades and advisors, advertising sponsors and massive budgets they have. You may be considering attempting some DIY property styling Brisbane by raiding your local Kmart or Target store to save money in getting your property market ready. How hard can it be right? For those unsure if hiring a professional is worth the investment, we shed some light on the benefits of hiring a professional home stager and how the small investment can help when selling your Brisbane property.

An Objective Eye

An independent property stylist can view your home objectively and they have the styling experience and know-how to persuade buyers.  With a large inventory of furniture, accessories  and artwork, a stylist will bring together a unified design that best suits the features of your home and the market.

Stylists also provide a service for people who want to display their own furniture in their property for sale. Often when you have lived in your home for many years, it is easy for possessions to build up and you might not know where to start when de-cluttering. A stylist will be able to easily advise you what can be put into storage and what can be kept to maximise appeal and modernise for the market’s expectations

Remove Stress

DIY styling and preparing a home for sale can be stressful and overwhelming and a professional can eliminate some of this stress. It is worth considering not only the financial benefits but also potential stress reduction that property styling brings. Although there are no guarantees, an experienced home stager will aim to have your property sold within the first month or two of listing it for sale. This could potentially save you months of stress and anxiety, which occurs when your home stays on the market for too long.

Appeal to a target demographic

Property stylists can use their expert market knowledge to help you create a look and feel to your property that will appeal to a specific type of buyer. For example, if you want to attract a young family or maybe a professional couple in their twenties, the stylist can choose furniture and decorative items that will help create an appealing and attractive environment for your target buyer.

Cut Market Time and Boost the Sale Price

By creating a professional and polished look in your home, you are potentially attracting more people to your listing and you are creating greater odds at getting more people through the door. This in turn increases the chances of receiving an offer much more quickly. A styling campaign usually runs for 6 weeks and we have seen most of our staged properties sell within this time frame or sooner

We all want the maximum return on our property when selling, but the old adage ‘you’ve got to spend money to make money’ can be a tough decision to make. At the fear of over capitalising on a property, many rely on market conditions to get a higher rate on return. But what if a relatively small investment could return $20-40,000k in value?

Create First Impressions with Property Styling Brisbane

First impressions count for everything, and an experienced stager will know the desires of the target demographic and have access to all of the industry’s best suppliers and be able to utilise the most on trend furniture and accessory wholesalers that the average person do not have access to. By creating coveted and desirable looks you are more likely to trigger a positive emotional response and gain an edge in a competitive market.

Research shows that buyers only spend between three and six minutes inspecting a home, which means it is essential NOTHING distracts them from being able to see the home’s best qualities. You need to engage the full attention of potential buyers to ensure they spend all their time during an inspection developing a feel for what it would be like to live there.

Styling the Lifestyle

Research shows that over 90% of people do not think visually; most people cannot imagine the potential of a house or see themselves living in a space if it is vacant or cluttered with the owners personal belongings. Through our vast experience of styling properties, we have perfected the skills to effortlessly evoke an emotional response so that buyers can visualise themselves living in and utterly loving their new home.

Show The Function Of A Room

People respond well to homes that have order and flow. By styling a home for sale you are able to present to the buyer the true function of a room. It becomes clear to potential buyers how a room can best be used and they can envision themselves living there. Often sellers have many unused rooms in their home which is often the reason they are selling. A professional home stager will use their expert knowledge to give the un-used room a function which will add value to the property eg adding in a 4th or 5th bedroom or an extra study space

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