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Preparing your Property for Home Staging in Brisbane

When selling a home, most people know they need to keep their house presentable, but is that really enough? To find the best highly engaged buyers and sell your home for the best price, Home staging is what takes your property to another level, giving it a touch of elegance and warmth that buyers love. We’ve been home staging Brisbane properties for many years, and we see the amazing results first-hand.

Here’s some handy advice on how to get the best our of home staging!

First Impressions Count

According to research, a whopping 84% of people say the most important thing about buying a property is getting a good feeling when you walk through the door. It won’t shock anybody to know that you don’t get that magical ‘good feeling’ by walking into a cluttered room full of tired furniture and a musty smell in the air.

Making a good first impression on your buyers is absolutely essential, and that’s why beautiful home staging in Brisbane is so important.

Lose the Clutter and De-personalise

It’s a popular misconception that presenting your place as a comfortable family home helps buyers see themselves living there. We definitely want buyers picturing themselves living happily in your home, but there’s a specific way to do that.

Firstly, try to remove personal items. Walls and mantlepieces covered in family photos make it feel too much like your home – not the buyer’s. Areas should be well styled and spacious, so remove as much clutter as you possibly can. That way, buyers can freely picture how they would look living in your home.

Photos are Just as Important as Viewings

Home staging isn’t only important for viewings and open homes. Photos are an integral part of selling your home. Most people thoroughly research properties online before even thinking about a viewing, so photos are a big selling point. Staging your home for a modern, vibrant look in your online advertising is a great way to entice buyers. 35% of buyers decide in 5 minutes or less whether to view a home they’ve seen online, so that’s a market you need to be capturing.

Neutral Colours and Use of Light

When staging a home in Brisbane you’ve got the added bonus of plentiful natural sunlight. This can be a huge advantage for photos, viewings and open homes. To maximise all the wonderful light on offer, using neutral colours in your home really helps. Dark walls can tend to dull a room, even with the blinds wide open and sunlight pouring in. Keep things neutral – remember, buyers can imagine their own feature walls, but many may not like the unique ones you’ve chosen.

Expert Home Staging Brisbane

At Refresh Property Styling, we’re experts in the field of making homes beautiful for sale. If you want to create a captivating first impression and boost the sale price of your home, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll even give you an obligation-free quote and consultation with one of our Senior Stylists. Contact us today!

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