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Property Styling Cost and ROI

With purse strings becoming tighter these days, property styling can often be added to the ‘too extravagant’ list of many sellers. Sharon down the road sold her house without property styling, you’ve sold previous properties using your own furniture and décor on display, so why add a property styling cost to the sale of your property?

The truth about Sharon

Sharon did sell her property but she sold it at the minimum price she was willing to accept, and it was on the market for over three months. The feedback was that the rooms seemed quite small with Sharon’s oversized furniture and the colour schemes used in the main living areas were very off-putting.

Selling without property styling

We hear many scenarios – properties that are on the market for months, sometimes vacant, in the hope that the property will sell. This costs money!

When there are no cleverly styled rooms to help potential buyers imagine living in a home or to help them understand what the spaces were used for, selling can be a tough slog. As much as you may love your own furniture and personal items, if potential buyers don’t, you might find they just can’t see past them. Perhaps property styling could have helped?

But the cost of property styling is too expensive!

Property styling cost is all about how you look at it. It’s about spending money to make money; more money than your initial investment. Here are some case studies to explain what kind of ROI you can get when you style a property.

3 Bedroom Inner City Unit

Price Guide – $600,000

Sold For – $660,000

On the market – 7 Days

ROI – 17x

5 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Family Home

Price Guide – $1.25 million

Sold For – $1.34 million

On the market – 14 Days

ROI – 12x

You’re investing in people’s emotions to sell your property

You don’t have to be good at numbers to see the incredible ROI that property styling brings. Property styling can transform a house into its true potential. It creates amazing photo opportunities that will attract even more buyers to your open homes. Property styling creates a home that people can imagine themselves living in, relaxing in, playing in, growing old in. But don’t think that just putting in a nice sofa, rug and a few pot plants are going to bring in a magnificent return on investment. It takes an experienced property stylist with a keen eye on aesthetics and trends to really know the style and layout that works with a property and that will take potential buyers on a journey.

So, if your real estate agent has subtly suggested you consider a property stylist, it’s because they know the ROI is excellent, they know your home has the potential, and yes, they want to make a bigger commission. There’s no need to baulk at property styling cost because YOU WIN TOO!

To find out more about the property styling cost involved with selling your home or investment, get in touch TODAY!

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